Our plans include the following elements:

Builders Set of Plans

So you’ve had this brilliant design idea which you’ve gone over and over in your head until you're tired of thinking about it. But will it work? and what's it going to cost? Rather than plunging headlong into the more costly stages of getting detailed Architectural plans drawn up, why not get your idea road tested by having a thin set of plans drawn up and getting some preliminary bids? These Builders set of plans are not complete with all the sections and details, but provide a floor plan and basic elevations. here's a complete listing of all that's included in a Builders Set of Plans. Based on your ideas, we’ll draw a preliminary floor plan and some initial concept elevations and tell you what’s involved to take it to the next stage and get a full Advanced Set of Plans to fulfil your dream. This service is really stage one of many on the journey to get to a full set of plans.

Advanced Set of Plans

To take your initial idea to the next planning stage of the journey, we can develop more detailed plans including fully scaled drawings, together with sections and details. If needed, we can provide our clients with an accurate ‘walk through’ of the new home to help make those last-minute, but crucial, design decisions. Here's a complete listing of all that's included in the Advanced Set of Plans. These plans are designed to be ready to build. From these plans you can obtain relatively firm budget estimates. We can also do this in a full 3D environment if the client so chooses. At times, a colorful rendering helps to see what the finished home will look like complete with full landscaping.

Full Set of Plans Including Engineering Services

The full Set of Plans including Engineering provide the same detailed drawings as outlined above, plus engineered seals for the foundation, and any other special requirement as negotiated for the project. The complete listing of all that's included in the Advanced Set of Plans Including Engineering can be found here.

Full Set of Plans With Construction Management Services

Whilst some of our clients choose to manage the construction themselves, many have opted to use our services to coordinate every aspect of the project, from managing sub-contractors and consultants, to monitoring the progress of the building through to successful final delivery. We have partnered with reputable builders and have a great track record in keeping projects on course and on budget with an unfaltering attention to quality and detail. Here's a link to one of those partners.