Our Advanced Set of Plans Include

The Advanced Set of Plans WILL include the following elements:


The graphic representations will include the following elements:
  • Plan legend with descriptions
  • Area tabulation identifying of all parts of construction project
  • All plans will be drawn to an established and identifiable scale
  • Drawings are appropriately dimensioned
  • Drawings are annotated as required
  • Proper line weights and line types are incorporated and all copies are legible and clean
  • Appropriate title blocks, scale indications, north arrow, legends, etc. are included
  • The Drawings are assembled in a logical order as per industry standards


    The floor plan will show the following elements:
  • Fully dimensioned as required for layout and framing construction
  • Labels for rooms, cabinets, and appliances
  • Labels for ceiling heights, flooring materials
  • Attached structures (garages, carports, porches, decks, balconies, etc… shall be represented
  • Location and size of all doors, windows and skylights;
  • Location and type of fireplace (masonry, zero-clearance.)
  • Location of plumbing fixtures
  • Location of all major appliances
  • Location of all cabinets, counter tops, and other built-in furnishings
  • Location of all stairs, hidden ladders, etc., used for access to other levels
  • General notes as required to adequately describe the conditions shown


    The roof plan will show the following elements:
  • Shadow copy of main floor plans overlaid to roof plan
  • Fully dimensioned to walls and given overhangs
  • Roof crickets, and saddles as required
  • Roof ridges
  • Pitch breaks
  • Valleys
  • Hips
  • Overall roof dimensions, and length of ridges
  • Roof pitch and changes in pitches as required showing bastard valleys
  • Chimney locations with saddles as required
  • Notes for step and counter step flashing and or any special conditions


    The exterior elevations will show the following elements:
  • Complete elevations 4 sides representing details of the building (no perspective views)
  • Grade lines and finish floor lines
  • Line of top plates and ceiling lines as needed
  • Doors and windows located
  • Finish and exterior trim materials with adequate annotations
  • Roof pitches, crickets, saddles, overhangs, eaves, rakes, etc. and roofing materials
  • Foundation vents where applicable
  • Grade and elevation marks showing overall building heights as required
  • Minimum of ¼” scale on all elevation drawings


    The cross sections and details will show the following: · At least one complete cross sections through the building (more if needed)
  • Typical window head heights
  • Typical overall plate heights
  • Porch post heights and sizing
  • Beam sizes
  • Rafter sizes
  • Pitch of roofs
  • Floor and ceiling joists sizing and spacing
  • Insulation location and R-values
  • All foundation conditions with adequate dimensions
  • All floor framing connections to foundations and walls
  • Cornice work, soffit, fascia, and overhang details
  • All ceiling and roof framing connections to walls and beams
  • Any special flashings or special construction techniques
  • Any critical or unusual connections or combinations of materials
  • Stair construction, including (if applicable): landings, headroom, tread and riser dimensions, etc.
  • Masonry fireplaces including dimensions, footings, flue chimney and hearth construction elevation
  • Minimum of ¼” scale on all section drawings, and ½” scale on all details but typically ¾” Scale
  • Typical interior and exterior wall construction assemblies
  • Isometric views maybe drawn depending on complexity of assemblies


    The Electrical plan will show the following:
  • Key legend showing all relevant fixtures
  • Location of all electrical outlets, with GFCI outlets labeled
  • Location of all light fixtures and switches
  • Show all 3 way and rheostat switches
  • Show location of any motorized equipment, fans, vents, etc.
  • Location of main service entrance if known and location of service panels
  • Location of telephone, televisions, and other special purpose outlets
  • All thermostat locations
  • Locate and show any special alarm and other annunciator panels
  • Water, heating, air conditioning systems location
  • Gas and water service entrance and/or meter location if known


    The furniture plan will show the following on a separate page or as part of the electrical pages:
  • Proposed location of all beds
  • Proposed location of dressers
  • Place dining room table
  • Place porch and or breakfast tables
  • Place dining room hutch and buffets
  • Location of any special furniture or area rugs
  • Place any custom furnishings the owners require to determine proper room sizes


    The plumbing plan will show the following on a separate page or as part of the foundation page:
  • Location of all plumbing fixtures
  • Dimensions to center of wall and center of fixtures
  • Identify any special conditions showing in-slab plumbing
  • Specifications for piping in-slab conditions


    We do not customarily draw any interior elevations showing the specifics of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, built-in units, and other special interior features. Note: The reason for this is to save money. If you desire we can draw to elaborate on these interior details, for an extra cost. We suggest contacting the local cabinet and fireplace distributors for sizes and styles. They will generally draw and represent these items for you at no cost during the bidding process.

    Other Helpful Building Items:
    For an additional fee, we can also produce shop drawings, provide additional details, and sections that will further explain the scope of the project. Listed below are other services we offer our customers.
  • Reproducible Set: This is useful if you plan to personally make changes to a stock Riverside Home Designs plan you've chosen. This set consists of inked line drawings produced on velum paper for the purpose of modification. When you complete the alterations, working copies can be made. We charge an additional fee for releasing the intellectual copyrights to our plans.
    ** Bonus: this includes free working set of plans! **
  • Mirror-Reversed Plans: (Available on all plans) are used when building the project in reverse of the illustrated or designed floor plan. Reversed plans are available for a small additional one-time surcharge. It is imperative that you purchase reversed plans in order to avoid confusion on the job site during construction.
  • Itemized List of Materials: Details the quantity, type and size of basic materials needed to build your project. This list is helpful in acquiring accurate construction estimates.
  • Description of Materials: Describes the type and quality of materials suggested for the project. This form may be required for obtaining FHA or VA financing.
    Special Requirements
  • Engineering Seals: The concern over energy costs, building design, and structural integrity of certain components occasionally prompt the need for an engineer to review and "seal" a plan prior to construction. There is an additional fee for this service. The fees depend on the complexity of the services required; as well as the amount of work involved. Riverside Home Designs will oversee the engineering and all other requirements for the plans and will submit to the owners a complete set of plans with the engineering seals as required.
    **(Unless specifically included in the scope of work, engineering is not included in our work.)**
  • Revisions, Modifications and Customizing: The tremendous variety of designs available from Riverside Home Designs allows you to choose a stock plan that best suits your lifestyle, budget, and building site. Through your choice of siding, roof, trim, decorating, color, etc., your project can be customized easily.
    Most professional builders can make minor changes and some basic material substitutions without the need for expensive plan revisions. However, if you will be making major changes, we strongly recommend that you purchase a complete set of working drawings that include the changes you wish to make.

    Riverside Home Designs

    License Agreement
    The plans and designs created by Riverside Home Designs are the intellectual property of the designer and are protected by international copyright. As such, the plans and other details are provided for personal use for the construction of one (1) Project only.
    Use of the plans and other details for commercial purposes, for sale, distribution, transfer to any other party other than the original purchaser, or reproduction in any way is expressly prohibited without Riverside Home Designs written approval. No other commercial use or reproduction will be allowed without additional licensing and fees.
    When you purchase plans from Riverside Home Designs you will be provided with a permission to use the plans. This license is issued solely to you, and you agree to the terms and conditions as stated on the plans. The license is not transferable to anyone under any circumstances.

    All designs and related details produced on the plans are copyrighted, and become trademarks of Riverside Home Designs.

    You may not reproduce the plans yourself, all copies must be provided by Riverside Home Designs. Click here to revisit the Solutions page.